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1202 East Sonterra Blvd. # 301
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David Tharakan, M.D.P.A.
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20079 Stone Oak Pkwy suite 1105-608
San Antonio, TX 78258
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WE NO LONGER OFFER SERVICES AT OUR PRACTICE. DR. DAVID THARAKAN IS WITH DR. ROGERS OFFERING SUPREME PATIENT CARE on Weekends and Fulltime on Week days with Military Personnel at another office. 


I have had the pleasure of seeing some of you grow, taking care of your referrals, and doing the clinic books and tax preparations for almost 15 years. I will miss all of you very much. I continue to be a philanthropist and mentor to our youth and many disabled. May those without voices be heard and community members must help shape the future of their lives. Reshmey Medical Clinic did as much as we could to help families in need. Unfortunately, our money reserves have ended and so it was a matter of logistics that we close our medical practice and join another doctor's office. We tried joining with other people before, but no one were willing to see our disabled patients. We know Dr. Rogers will take good care of our patients, primarily our female population. The paperwork is still under our care and medical records shall remain in our care for eight years. Patients that continue to follow us will have records sent to Dr. Roger's office free of charge and in a matter of minutes. 
- Reshmey Tharakan, ( C.E.O. of Reshmey Medical Clinic) 

            Manager of Medical Records/Investor
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